Concerned about your safety, DiveWinns has invested in an Ansti test bench. This allows us to adjust your regulator according to the exact standards given by the manufacturers. This surface bench pulls 1000 liters per minute from your regulator on the surface, thus approaching the EN250 standard in force. It allows you to have an evaluation of your regulator at 50 meters. Ansti is the official supplier of manufacturers for the transition to standards for your regulators.

We additionally offer you the repair of diving lamps, BCDs, computers, tank (TÜV) verification and a revision and repair of regulators with above mentioned Ansti adjustment certificate.

Our technicians are of course all certified and trained for all the services. With several hundred services per year, they’re additionally very experienced and more than qualified to perform all kind of repair service on your equipment.

We are service center for Atomic, Mares, Aqualung, Poseidon, Beuchat, Scubapro, Cressi and others

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