SBF Binnen

Can you take a boat along the Canal du Midi or the Danube, past picturesque towns and landscapes, anchor at will and explore the surroundings? This is not possible with a river cruise, but it is possible with your sports boat license for inland waters. You can use a motorboat up to 20m long with more than 15 HP (11.03kW) for private purposes on the shipping lanes. You can not only drive a motorboat with your sports boat license but also jet ski. Those with more than 15 HP may therefore only be driven with a valid sports boat license.

This sport boat license for inland waterways is valid internationally and recognized in all UN countries, it only applies to inland waterways, but not on maritime roads.


If you would like to drive a boat on coasts, you need the license SBF See.

Explore the fjords of Norway by boat? Cruise past the ports and cities on the Cote d’Azur with a yacht and sip champagne? Or rush past the coast with a jet ski or speed boat? You can do that with the See boating license. It allows you to drive motor boats of any length and without cabin restrictions with more than 15 HP.

This sport boat license for sea is internationally valid and recognized in all UN countries. It is mandatory in some holiday countries such as Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey.


The theory course takes place in a small group, on a weekend from 09:00 to 17:00, with a qualified teacher in Ehlange-Mess. Once done, you can gain your practical experience in the port of Saarbrücken. There you will complete at least 4 hours of driving with a driving instructor.

The course is in german – Der Kurs ist in Deutsch

The theoretical and practical exams will then take place in Saarbrücken. Monthly examination dates take place until December so that they can be freely chosen according to your own schedule.

If SBF Binnen is completed at the same time than SBF See, the general part of the theory test will only be asked once, and the practical test will also cover both areas and only have to be completed once, thus one gains money and time.

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