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DiveWinns started in 2016 and rapidly grew over the past few years. Starting with only 2 instructors, we were able to manage up to 100 Trial Dives and more than 100 certifications a year. At a certain point, it was inevitable to change some things. That was the case in October 2019 when we contacted the former owner of Splash by Aquasports SA. Splash was for years the main contact point in Luxembourg for everything related to diving. DiveWinns started discussions and negotiations and quite rapidly it became clear, that we should take over Splash by Aquasports.

In January 2020 we closed the shop and the dive center and we started some major transformations. We emptied the pool, refilled it with 170.000 liters of crystal clear water. We completely restructured the shop, got a new interior design, new branding, and a lot of new equipment. New walls were built and all of them were repainted. We invested a lot in IT, bought a 9 places bus for travels and we furnished a room dedicated only for our dive community – a place to be if you’re a diver. Our two classrooms got new furniture, repainted a got a new more modern touch.

Besides all the interior changes, we hired also a new Dive Center Manager – Hans Lange – who’s Instructor Trainer and really experienced. That way, we are able to split the Dive Center and the shop. The latter one will still be managed by former Splash Manager, Christophe Lebas. Very experienced and also responsible for all the maintenances and repair services.

For several reasons, we additionally decided to go away from being a PADI DiveCenter and be became an SSI Instructor Trainer Center. However, we’re still offering PADI courses, as well as SSI, IAC and CMAS courses. Now, we’re able to propose courses from the beginner up to Instructor Trainer for all of the 4 major federations – this for SCUBA, Freediving and Tec-diving.

With a team of 22 freelance instructors, 5 guides, 2 full-time employees we’re well prepared for all of our upcoming events, courses, training, and travels.

Starting 1st of February 2020, 08h00, DiveWinns is your point of contact in Luxembourg and behind the borders for everything related to diving.

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