For the basic course (‘Open Water Diver’), you must be at least 10 years old. For children from 8 to 10 years old, we offer the ‘Bubblemaker’ and ‘Seal Team Member’ programs.
These two programs allow children to take advantage of the introduction to diving in the pool, with full diving equipment.
The experience gained can then possibly be used to acquire the Junior Open Water Diver certificate from 10 years old. From 8 years old, you can also get a snorkelling certificate.

Normal diving activities are not always covered by normal health insurance and we advise you to check with your personal insurer.
Otherwise you can inquire with DAN (Divers Alert Networtk) or with Aquamed insurance, information which you will find under our “Partners” section.

The SSI underwater diving training system is not based on duration, but on required performance.
Each course is divided into a theoretical part, a practical part in a swimming pool and / or protected environment, as well as a practical part in a natural environment.
Each part is in turn subdivided into Modules. The Open Water Diver training, for example, includes 5 theoretical modules, 5 dives in the pool and 4 dives in open water.
Some specialty courses include 1 theoretical module and 2 to 4 dives in a natural environment, depending on the course.

Once obtained, your certification remains valid for life.
SSI has no requirement regarding the period of validity for recreational divers.
However, it is the responsibility of the certified diver to stay up to date. This is possible thanks to the official program: Refresh, or other continuing education programs.

Aside from the Scuba Review program as well as the continuing education programs, DiveWinns constantly offers you the opportunity to keep your experience up to date.
For more information, please contact us.

Diving has an unfair reputation for being expensive because of the specific equipment. In reality it is not more expensive than any other sport.
Each training program has a specific price which is directly related to the duration and requirements of the equipment.
We would be happy to advise you.

This question has already been partially answered above. The Open Water Diver certificate (the ‘basic training’) gives you the opportunity to enjoy diving for life, without any special requirements.
This means that you can dive around the world under conditions equal to or better than your training experience, for example during dives during your vacation.
If you wish to participate in special activities, e.g. night dives, wreck diving, … we recommend that you take additional training. See “Courses” section Advanced Open Water Diver or Specialty Diver.

Specialty courses are 2 to 3 day programs, mainly oriented towards practical execution and application.
This allows you to take part, with serious preparation, in more specialized dives, such as night dives, underwater photography, videography, dives in great depths, …
Depending on the nature of the course, it consists of 1 or 2 theoretical modules, and 2 to 4 dives. For more details and a complete list, we are happy to refer you to our Specialty Program.

Anyone with normal health can take part in underwater diving activities.
At the start of each course a medical certificate of aptitude for underwater diving is compulsory. The certificate to be filled out by your doctor is given to you when you register for the courses. The validity of the certificate is one year.

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