Our L&W 300 bar compressor at the Youth Hostel in Lultzhausen and our BAUER TYPE PE500 at the dive shop inflate your bottles in the shortest time! During the inflation of your bottles, we will gladly inform you about all the news in the wonderful world of diving.

No more stress! No need to bring an arsenal of bottles! Finished repeatedly unloading cars! For your comfort: A filling station at the Youth Hostel in Lultzhausen. The station works with 50 Cent coins. Don’t forget to bring some! Inflation of an empty 12 liter bottle: 3.50.- €

Filling of Nitrox tanks is of course also possible during our opening hours in Ehlange-Mess.

Technical details Dive Shop
  • Compressor: BAUER TYPE PE500-VE-F01 silent (500 L / Min.)
  • Breathing air filter: Type P41
  • Following air quality: EN12021 – DIN 3188
  • Security: SECURUS electronic control
  • Panel: RVS filling machine with 4 DIN PS outputs max. 210 bar
  • Air reserve: 6 x 50 liters at 300 bar – 90,000 liters
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